Hey girls! You can change the world! Did you know that? KEINE ANMELDUNG MEHR MÖGLICH - AUSGEBUCHT!

In this youth exchange with each ten German and Icelandic girls (and each two leaders of the countries) we will stay in Iceland for ten days. On one hand there will be time to admire the beautiful landscape, on the other hand we will deal with the situation in our world, especially in Europe.

Mädchen, 15 bis 17 Jahre
09. - 20. August 2017
599 €

Disclaimer: This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. The content of the publication is the sole responsibility of the publisher and the European Commission is not liable for any use that may be made of the information.

Englisch, Deutsch
Transfer ab / bis Reutlingen, Vollpension, Programm, Pädagogische Betreuung, Versicherung
Jennifer Hölz, Verena Hünig

Every person is responsible for the change of our world. There are many things breaking down and many people looking for help. The forests and the animals decay if we don`t care for them. The resources of the earth decrease. Sustainability is a very important topic and we need to think about it!

But don`t panic … we can start this change in our own small environment, talk with other girls about the themes and think together of little (or big) things we are able to do. We will experience a very exciting and interesting time in Iceland. Last but not least we will have much fun together!